Sika Mining

Sika Mining | Alpha Quartz LLC

We are a partner of Sika Global and can offer services and assistance with the full product, tools and equipment range Sika has to offer. We are able to offer Sika mining product range with full support & site support packages to suit any size project with a service that can be counted on to minimize downtime and insure quality.

Sika mining equipment and product range is proven in the field with years of experience and expertise to build the wright equipment for the industry and demands of the harsh environment the equipment is used in.


AQ can supply a wide range of high quality equipment for sprayed concrete applications, AQ partner Sika offers under the brand Aliva®.

  • Rotary machines
  • Spraying attachments, incl. nozzles
  • Concrete and dosing pumps
  • Telescopic spraying arms and complete spraying systems
  • Special injection systems for TBM
  • Refractory systems

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