Mission Statement

Consulting & Mining Services Mongolia

Our Purpose

The Health, Safety and Environmental Policy is intended to extend to all areas related to the Company and to our partners to ensure safety and well-being of our people, our clients, visitors and the high standard of operation we expect from our workforce.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with a service that can be counted on to deliver a strong safety focus in all that we do.

Our Vision

To be the leading consultancy group and mining services, construction and people services company, “First Choice” service provider of our clients in Mongolia and globally.

To build our business and develop our people in a way that will ensure and maintain best business practice, retention of professional, trusted staff now and in the future.

Our Values

Alpha Quartz offers a quality consultancy, mining, construction, projects service with a holistic view. Support services, designed to build and sustain client needs and project requirements. We achieve this by:

Providing high quality, relevant, flexible consultancy, mining, construction, projects and training services with the resources to match.

Providing relevant support and services to our clients to ensure their competitiveness in the industry and project goals are achieved.

Establishing quality and relevant networks, suppliers and partnerships to support industry and client needs.