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Translation Service | Alpha Quartz LLC

Alpha Quartz LLC renders large volume of specialist translation service for OT LLC and our clients. In addition to the provision of translation service, we also provide onsite interpreters to assist with visiting engineers and for staff training sessions and many more areas in technical and non-technical areas.

We are a registered translation service in Mongolia and certified to provide translations to a high quality and insure we use the latest tools and systems to insure the services remain at a high standard with assurance we will deliver on time and on target.

We carry out high-quality accurate translation in below languages:

Mongolian - English and vice versa
Mongolian - Chinese or English - Chinese and vice versa
Typical documents translated for the projects including, but not limited to:

Policy, plans, procedures, safety documentation and key systems
Mining machinery equipment installation, operation and maintenance manuals
OEM documents and manuals
Mining techniques and operations
Software applications
Alpha Quartz LLC has the capacity and personnel to provide you with all your translation needs, with supporting infrastructure based on proven experience and services delivered to our many clients from mining, construction, renewable energy, drilling and technical services sectors.

Recently providing over 700 key procedure translations for OT and ongoing translation services to OT for manuals, procedures, policy, key documentation and verbal translation needs of the site in key work areas.

We support clients with quality timely and accurate documents and data in addition to support in the field with verbal translations by our competent and talented translations team, so that they can continue to operate as required to meet business needs in, an every demanding and diverse world.