Sainshand Wind Park Project

Sainshand Wind Park Project | Alpha Quartz LLC

  • Location: 5 km north-east of Sainshand city, capital of Dornogobi province
  • Average wind speed: ≥ 7,7 m/s at 80m
  • Capacity: 55MW

AQ managed and provided project management, guidance to the pre-planning, planning and construction phases of this project along with management of lifting operations, providing support and cost saving strategies to ensure the project succeeds and meets targets.

Managed all lifting operations for project, and provided management and support to contractors in mechanical completion of units for project hand over. Providing training services for key areas and HSE support to project.

Project Works Success:

  • LTI free
  • No injuries or equipment damage
  • Complete Safe Installation of 25 WTG Units
  • 1 month ahead of scheduled completion date on WTG installations