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Myosh System & Services | Alpha Quartz LLC

Alpha Quartz LLC use Myosh integrated with our systems to manage all our safety and training requirements, the system is easy to use and maintain, this enable us to focus in the field and work with the system via phone app to follow up on actions, review procedures and personnel data while maintaining a strong focus on safety.

The system provides us with real time and up to date information, email alerts to safety and personal concerns, enabling freedom to manage and focus on the task at hand while the system does the leg work.

We can integrate the system into many other applications and assist our clients in managing their safety and training needs, with a managed approach and personnel who can assist as required to manage all your safety systems and personnel to allow the you to move forward and progress knowing you can be confident we have it covered.

Our service allows you to have the system and services without the cost or additional personnel to manage it, we can offer realistic pricing that will be cost effective, managing all safety and training needs required in the ever demanding workplace, enabling you to be ready for any customer and the requirements of servicing projects and contracts correctly every time.

System, Service & Support

Organizations across the globe have been using myosh to manage and improve work safety for over 15 years.  Myosh is a highly configurable, cloud based safety solution featuring over 100 core modules. All modules can be easily integrated with one another and configured to interact with external software.  The myosh team are focused on exceeding expectations for services and reliability and our product range evolves constantly based on user feedback and contributions from leading safety authorities.

Myosh features include interactive dashboards and mobile apps, servicing the requirements of many industries including government, defense, aviation, manufacturing, construction, retail, logistics and mining. Customizable modules include Risk, Hazard Identification, Incident Investigations, Inspections, Contractor, Injury & Training Management, Online Learning, Equipment Registers, QR codes & many more.

Myosh will assist you to better understand and manage workplace safety by integrating hazards and incident reporting with investigations, actions and reporting.  Staff participation is leveraged by providing easy access to safety information and also encourages them to contribute to the safety program.

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