Maintenance & Shutdowns

Maintenance & Shutdowns | Alpha Quartz LLC

Alpha Quartz LLC supply maintenance and shutdown services for mining sector on a large range of plant and equipment, we have the flexibility and skilled technical personnel to meet your needs and can plan and quickly mobilize anywhere in the world.

AQ has been unrivaled when it comes to its fast track record and success with our clients, and built in standards and know-how that matters in the industry industry. AQ’s technical, engineering, specialized capability enables us to set new benchmark in terms of scale, sophistication and speed. From Mining, Renewable Energy, and Mechanical sector, AQ continues to explore in its endeavor to extend the business horizon. We have the capacity in handling the supply of all type of technical, non-technical and tradesman to the Mining construction and renewable energy industry in keeping pace with the growing needs of our clients.

Our multinational staff are geared to handle our Client’s enquires at the earliest and recognize the need to satisfy the requirements. We use only the best people and tools to achieve your targets and reduce overall costs by not having to purchase the specialized tools and equipment required for the bigger tasks, we can send these tools and personnel where needed, when needed to insure you can keep the operation going with minimal impact.

Enquire now on how we can assist you to achieve your goals and meet deadlines that matter and insure you remain at the top when it comes to maintenance and shutdown planning, scheduling and services that you can rely on and know that it will be done on time.


Planned maintenance and shutdowns:

  • HSE support
  • Planning
  • Guidance and technical support
  • Supervision and translation
  • Right tools and equipment
  • All types of plant and equipment
  • Right personnel for the job
  • Component strip down and assembly
  • Fast mobilization
  • Support and continued reliability
  • Parts sourcing and service

When unplanned downtime occurs, look to a partner who can get your plant operating again quickly and safely.

  • Site HSE Program
  • Shutdown planning
  • Fast mobilization
  • On-site technical support and supervision
  • Component assembly


AQ’s maintenance, shutdown planning service can help you reduce production downtime, help ensure that the correct parts and people are available as needed and improve shutdown safety. Based on experience in shutdowns, we bring in-depth equipment knowledge, effective maintenance procedures and necessary parts logistics to help you plan for efficient shutdowns.

When you wish to utilize your own resources for maintenance, we offer supervision, assistance and expert technical support on OEM and 3rd party equipment. As a result, you can be assured that equipment has been effectively maintained so you can minimize the risk of unexpected shutdowns.

Incorrect assembly can significantly shorten the life of equipment and reduce process performance. AQ’s experienced staff have access to detailed design and maintenance specifications so that you can be sure that equipment has been properly assembled for a long and productive life.