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Training Consulting

We have experienced training and consultants on staff. They are the secret behind many winning training programs we have designed. The key to a successful training initiative is planning. According to research, neglecting the upfront planning processes for training can impact project and workplace cost and timeline negatively, by up to 30%. Our training consultants utilize a variety of assessment methodologies to ensure your training initiatives meet your business objectives.
The success of any large training project depends first on what you know before you begin. Our training consultants can help you quickly and effectively determine how to target, execute and achieve business objectives with a tailored training needs analysis process. 

Custom Training Design

Improve learner motivation and engagement with custom content development. Your learners are unique. Your brand is different. Your training should be, too. Our custom training is tailor-made to meet the increasingly complex and diverse needs that the businesses face.

Course Development

The development of training content – course development – can seem daunting at times. Course development may be as simple as creating an outline in Word or as complicated as creating instructional systems blending several learning modalities that are coordinated through a custom, we can assist and develop courses the meet the needs of the business and delivery the learning required.

Training Needs

Our front-loaded custom training process takes a measure-twice-cut-once approach. Going through a detailed performance mapping process before development means the entire design will be the right fit for your learners and your business objectives. Custom training is what AQ does best, and our design process ensures you love what we create.

Some of our training programs we develop and offer:

     Induction training
     HSE training
     High risk training programs
     Plant and equipment training
     Vehicle and off-road training
     First aid training
     Fire awareness training
     Emergency training
     New hire training
     Leadership training
     Technical training
     Product training
     Compliance and QAQC training
     Trade training
     Pressure vessel training: and
     Specific industry training

Translation & Localization

When you’re learning program needs to be rolled out internationally, AQ will help you through the translation and localization process. Having translated many courses into multiple languages for delivery in multiple countries across the world, we have the experience to know how to successfully roll out these types of projects. Thanks to our specific process and technologies, we make it easier, faster and cheaper to collaborate with multilingual/national SMEs and translation partners.

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